Dental Emergency

Catering for all your emergency dental needs.

Accidents happen and tooth discomfort can quickly escalate, needing fast, reliable emergency dental treatment.

At SDC Group, we understand that dental emergencies are inconvenient and uncomfortable. Our teams are here to support you and provide you with the right dental treatment.

Emergency dental treatments are performed outside of standard operating hours so that you get the help you need for your dental problems, regardless of whether they occur on the weekend, while on holiday, or in the middle of the night.

Conditions which are considered dental emergencies include:

  • Missing teeth due to trauma – If you sustain trauma to your mouth and lose a tooth, it is crucial to act quickly to preserve the tooth root and ensure the greatest chance for successful reimplantation.
  • Severely chipped or cracked teeth – A severely cracked or broken tooth can cause intense discomfort and leaves your teeth vulnerable to decay and infection.
  • An Abscessed Tooth – A dental abscess is a serious and potentially life-threatening condition. A pocket of pus forms on the tooth root or gum, causing an infection. In addition to swelling and fever, an abscess can spread the infection to the surrounding tissues and blood vessels, affecting other areas of your body.
  • Excessive Post-Surgical Bleeding – While some minor bleeding is to be expected following dental surgeries, such as a tooth extraction or implant procedure, excess blood loss may indicate post-surgical complications or infection.

We aim to keep our patients as calm as possible during emergency treatment.

Here is what you can expect at an emergency appointment:

  • Initial Examination – Our dental team thoroughly assesses the condition of your teeth and gums using X-rays and scanning if necessary for the most accurate digital images.
  • A Personalized Treatment Plan – After identifying the issue, your dentist recommends a course of treatment which may include crowns, fillings, dental bonding, or tooth removal.
  • Anaesthesia – The dentist applies a local anaesthetic before any dental procedure to numb the area and improve your comfort.
  • Sterilisation – If your emergency is due to infection or an external collision, your dentist may need to sterilise the area to remove pathogens and foreign matter.
  • Repairs and Restoration
    Depending on the extent and severity of your emergency, your dentist may apply a temporary or permanent fixture to the injured tooth, allowing you to return home.
  • Schedule a Follow-Up – We recommend that you book a follow-up appointment so that we can track the progress of your treatment and ensure proper healing.

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