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SDC Group provides a dental technical/laboratory work service to patients throughout Scotland.

Several treatments or restorations will require that we use an external laboratory for the construction of an appliance or restoration for use in treatment. Examples of this include study models, denturesteeth-whitening trays, snoring appliances, inlayscrowns or bridges.

All of these laboratory constructions are made to the highest standards and are all specific for the case or patient involved. We use several laboratories across the group depending upon the type of work or specification of work required.

Following the completion of specific treatments, the laboratory sheets and the statement of manufacture will be scanned into the patient notes. Patients can request a copy of these at any stage if required. Models are either stored in the clinic or photographed and returned to the patient for safekeeping. These models will be well packed and should always be retained where possible for future reference if required and also for use if further treatment is required (where appropriate).

With regards to any laboratory work undertaken in the clinic, your attention is drawn to the following statement:

Any dental restoration or appliance is a custom-made medical device that has been manufactured to satisfy the design characteristics and properties specified by the prescribing clinician.

This medical device is intended for exclusive use by you as a named patient and conforms to the relevant essential requirements specified in Annex I of the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EC (MDD) and the United Kingdom Medical Devices Regulations.

A statement of manufacture detailing the specifications of your prosthesis/medical device is kept in your records, a copy of which is available to you on request.

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