About Us

"It’s all about you"

Since “it’s all about you” at SDC Group, we aim to be there when you need us, with an entirely open and transparent pricing policy on all of your treatments and an open and transparent complaints procedure should you ever feel that we’ve not quite met our own high standards.

What you can expect from us

SDC Group is a clinically-led and patient focused dental provider, offering high quality dental care to our patients across Scotland. Your treatment is our number one priority and we offer a full range of NHS and private treatments to suit your needs and budget.

Our highly trained dental professionals will endeavour to provide you with best possible care within one of our growing number of modern dental clinics. If there is not an SDC clinic near to you at the moment, please check in periodically with your SDC clinics for details of upcoming openings.

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What we would expect from you

We Create Beautiful and Brighter Smiles

Looking after all of your dental needs is our number one priority. You can play a vital role in helping us do this by always looking to maintain good oral health: brushing twice a day; flossing regularly and scheduling appointments as required.

In order that we can run the best possible clinic for our patients, it is also crucial that you make a commitment to attend your appointments at the scheduled time. We understand, of course, that life can get in the way from time to time and external factors may mean that you cannot attend your appointment at the pre-arranged time. In the unlikely event that you have to cancel an appointment, we would ask that you provide as much notice as possible, preferably a minimum of 48 hours.

Where there is a cost associated with your dental treatment, we are commited to providing you with a full and transparent breakdown of such cost from the outset. In return, we would ask that you meet any payments within the scheduled timeframe and again provide as much notice as possible in the unlikely event that this may not be achievable.

Working together we can achieve the best result for your dental health!


Please read our Failure to Attend / Late Cancellation Policy